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  • Name: Benny B
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  1. 02/20/10

    Thanks Benny
     I started collecting in 2001 and found a site where all the collectors hang out shortly afterward.  After they shut that site down Joe picked it up & then we all moved to the Yuku board we hang out at now.  Glad you accepted my friend request ... Always nice to meet another collector !  I don't think MM's will comeback into production but no matter = I ain't stopped buying them yet, just a little harder to get your hands on everything now.  Take care & God bless
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  2. 02/19/10


    Reply from Gearhead:

    Hey Mad Man, and I think your real name is Mark. Am I right? Did you get the other message I sent you? I worte one and told you the I had just siged up with Joe's Shack last week and that you are my first friend. I'm still trying to learn how to do things on this site but I'm sure after a while, I'll learn. I can't believe I've been collecting Muscle Machines for 4 years and didn't know all this information and communication was here. I'm loving it and still haven't seen everything yet. It appears you are one of the big dawgs and your cars are over the top. Thanks for making me your friend and have a blessed day. Benny B